List of Employees of the Research Department for the Development and Allocation of Productive Forces

Submitted by WWW.IED.TJ on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 - 10:21am

1. Kayumov Nuriddin Kayumovich (Head of Department, Academician of NAST, Doctor of Economics, Professor)
2. Khonaliev Nazarali (Senior Researcher, Doctor of Economics)
3. Khabibov Safiulloh (Senior Researcher, Doctor of Economics, Professor)
4. Sadridinov Saifidin (Senior Researcher, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences)
5. Radjabov Kozi Radjabovich (Leading Researcher, Candidate of Economics)
6. Arifov Khomijon Obidovich (Leading Researcher, Ph.D.)
7. Abdualimov Bakhrom Abdulazimovich (Leading Researcher, Candidate of Economics)
8. Kayumov Saifiddin (Leading Researcher, Ph.D. in Economics)
9. Abdukholikov Uktam Abdulloevich (Senior Researcher)
10. Akramov Amonullokhon Zikriyoevich (Senior Researcher)
11. Tagoeva Gulchehra Makhmudovna (Senior Researcher)
12. Lysikh Olga Alexandrovna (Senior Researcher)
13. Kurbonov Elmurod Tursunmurodovich (Senior Researcher)
14. Lysikh Irina Aleksandrovna (Researcher)
15. Saidalieva Parvina Amiralievna (Junior Researcher)
16. Madaminov Asrorkul Abdulloevich (Junior Researcher)